Sales and Leadership Wisdom from the Leaders, Mr. Devang Mody – 5

17th March 2024

Sales and Leadership Wisdom from the Leaders, Mr. Devang Mody - 5

I asked Mr. Devang Mody, CEO – Bajaj Finserv Health, How has leadership changed today compared to when you started your career?

He replied I think today’s leader is not an expert. He is adaptive, he wants to learn, and he also has to be jovial. The days of serious leaders are gone. Most leaders need to be inspirational. Inspirational doesn’t mean only extroverted. Inspirational means the people who are part of your team feel, “Yes, I can look up to this person for these things.”. It could be something operational,. If leaders are not inspirational, then people’s attention span will reduce. And people don’t respect authority. People today respect value addition.
People respect adaptiveness. People respect persistence, openness. I think today, it’s cool if your leader says, “I didn’t know that at all.” That shows, yes, my boss wants to learn. So I think it’s changed quite a bit, from authority to value addition. Also, I have observed that in today’s world you can create material difference only if you have breakthrough ideas. Such ideas have a chance of failure. A successful leader has to assume responsibility for all failure. I think it doesn’t happen too often. Most so-called leaders tell their subordinates, “If you have failed, you have failed,” but I think it doesn’t work like that. So, in that way leadership is changing quite rapidly.


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