8 Success Mantras : Do Your Homework

16th Oct 2022

8 Success Mantras : Do Your Homework

The 4th success mantra to generate sales forever is to do your homework. When we were in school, our parents used to nag us every day about our homework. What parents didn’t tell you, though, is that homework does not stop when you graduate from school, rather it continues at work in building business or selling. Mediocre entrepreneurs and sales guys rarely do their homework before meeting a new prospect. Successful entrepreneurs & sales guys start their homework as soon as he gets the lead. He not only reads the client website in detail but research client’s name and company to find out the latest information. He not only studies client industry and business in detail but also has a couple of questions for the client, separating him from all other salespeople or entrepreneurs. #salesbooster https://www.amazon.in/dp/1772046221 www.nimeshmehta.net

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