8 Winning Strategies: Referrals and Testimonials

27th Nov 2022

8 Winning Strategies: Referrals and Testimonials

The 2nd strategy to stay ahead of the competition is known to all, but very few use it effectively ie getting Referrals and Testimonials. I say this because 3 conditions need to be met
1)The client is happy and satisfied. 2) The client has Trust & great rapport with the entrepreneur/salesperson and Organization. 3) If the entrepreneur/salesperson asks for referrals & Testimonials.
Referrals & Testimonials don’t happen automatically. The salesperson has to be proactive, and it should be actively solicited. They are the true test of a salesperson’s skill because gaining referrals & testimonials confirm how good you have performed. The method to ask for Referrals & Testimonials is shared in the book.
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