24th Apr 2022


The 4th element of human success in selling or any field is Goals. Goal setting is the fundamental step in helping a person achieve his true potential, and therefore, it should be taught to children in schools. During my book study, I learned there are 4 reasons why most people don’t set up goals? 1st reason is we don’t know the difference between a goal and a wish. My dream to play cricket for India was a wish, a fantasy & not a goal. The worst thing was that I believed it was my number one goal in life. Likewise, most people believe they know their goals, but in reality, it’s just a series of fantasies or wishes such as earning lots of money, achieve success, having a great family life etc. #knowyourGoals #salesbooster https://www.amazon.in/dp/1772046221 www.nimeshmehta.net

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