B.A.D.G.E Discipline 3

17th Apr 2022

B.A.D.G.E (Discipline)

The Habit of Self-Discipline: whatever we repeatedly do becomes a habit. Once we form a habit, it’s very hard to change, therefore, we have to develop the habit of self-discipline. It’s hard to form habits of self-discipline, of eating healthy food on time and sleeping before 10.30 pm, but once we develop them, they become 2nd nature to us and are easy to practice. When these daily habits of self-discipline become part of your subconscious mind, you may start to feel uncomfortable when you are not behaving in a disciplined manner. Every practice of self-discipline strengthens every other discipline. The opposite is also true, as every weakness in your self-discipline weakens your discipline in other areas as well. “Self-discipline is like a muscle. The more you exercise, the stronger it gets. #salesbooster https://www.amazon.in/dp/1772046221 www.nimeshmehta.net

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