Objection: Step to Handle an Objection

26th March 2023

Objection: Step to Handle an Objection

The last thing a salesperson should do is to answer the objection so convincingly that it completely resolves the underlying worry in a way that you make it easy for the customer to say yes. Use every sales tool in your arsenal, such as testimonial letters, competition comparison charts, or any other proof of the quality of the product, to convince the customer.
One of the best ways to answer any objection is to use the 3Fs: The Feel, Felt, and Found Formula. If the prospect says, “The price is too high,” your answer can be, “Mr. Prospect, I understand exactly how you feel (showing empathy). Our other customers also felt the same way when we first spoke to them (let the prospect know he is not alone in feeling that way). But they found that even though they paid higher, they were happy with their decision because the value they got far outweighed the investment.”
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