Science of Closing business/sales

2nd April 2023

Science of Closing Business/Sales

From today let’s deep dive into the Science of Closing business/sales. So, let’s understand why do entrepreneurs or salespeople get stressed out or lose control around the time of closing? The first reason is the fear of rejection. The greatest insight I have learned is that rejection is not personal. For example, the customer would have chosen the competitor over your product and you as a salesperson or entrepreneur, would have felt rejected. However, you should understand that the customer is not rejecting you as a person because he does not even know you well. 2nd When a customer says he is not interested, it does not mean anything. It is not a reflection of your ability. You should understand that at this point in time, the customer does not want to buy, or he wants to buy from your competitors. That’s it. Nothing more. Overcome the fear of rejection to close sales. #salesbooster

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