Psychology of Selling 3

18th Sep 2022

8 Success Mantras (1)

From today I will share the 8 success mantras which will help a businessman or salesperson achieve sales year on year. The 1st mantra is to keep learning, and the best way to learn is to Learn on wheels.
Audiobooks are one of the greatest inventions for salespeople, business leaders, and Entrepreneurs. Businessman or salesperson travels approx. 3 hours each day, and if we multiply by 264 working days in a year, he is behind wheels for approx. 800 hrs each year. This time is equivalent to 40% of time spent on one full-time year of studying for an MBA at any university. By turning your car or phone into learning on wheels you will be amazed by the number of sales/business ideas you will get each day/week/month from Audiobooks. So, from today Entrepreneurs or salespeople should convert their traveling time into Learning or classroom time.

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