Sales and Leadership Wisdom from the Leaders, Motilal Oswal​

31st Dec 2023

Sales and Leadership Wisdom from the Leaders, Motilal Oswal

Everyone says Sales is the most important function in a company, so I asked Motilalji, how much should he spends or a CEO should spend on sales? Motilalji answered, This is situational. When you build a business; you need to lead from the front. When you are able to get a start up push to that business then you may withdraw it and leave it to the team. But sales is one activity that can not be delegated 100 percent.

We always look at the client from two sides, whether they are high performer and high potential, or low performance and high potential. So we need to make sure high-performance, high-potential, low-performance, and high-potential clients are given some amount of time to meet them and build relationships with them because our business is  about relationships.



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