Sales and Leadership Wisdom from the Leaders, Motilal Oswal​

24th Dec 2023

Sales and Leadership Wisdom from the Leaders, Motilal Oswal

In my experience of knowing Motilalji for 15 years, I have not seen him start or come late for one meeting in life, so I asked Motilalji, How can a leader become a time management expert & focus on the most important activities? He replied KRA’s are nothing but key result areas or Priorities and I call it as High Impact Areas.

First is identifying your priorities, 2nd is looking at your time allocation to these high impact areas, so I do it every week, every Friday evening or Saturday morning I check how is my next week planned? Is it focused on high impact areas or too many routine or unimportant things. Having clear priorities and spending maximum time on 2-3 high impact areas are the two things which can help you get the best out of your time.

And at the same time you should allocate 20-30% of time to routine activities . Because when you run a company there will be a lot of things which will come your way unplanned.



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