Science of Closing Business/Sales​​: Closing Technique

1st May 2023

Science of Closing Business/Sales​​: Closing Technique

In the application form close, aan entrepreneur or salesperson jumps to the closing question immediately after sharing the product’s benefits and after gathering the client’s basic details. I will explain the Application form close with an example as a customer myself.
A few years back, the salesperson pitched me yearly membership in a five-star hotel; she explained the details such as getting a one-night complimentary stay, four food vouchers worth a few thousand, cake, and wine on birthdays and anniversaries etcetera. As a customer, while I was reflecting on the above benefits, the salesperson asked, “Which card do you own? Visa or Mastercard?” I replied Visa, and she immediately asked the closing question: “Guess you would like to pay with the same card? What is the expiry date on your card?”
During the call, she gathered information like my anniversary date and quickly asked a follow-up closing question: “Would you like to have candlelight dinner with your wife on a private table in front of the sea?” Who could refuse such a moment? I believe the application form close is the fastest and most effective way to close a sale transaction.

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