Science of Closing Business/Sales​​: Closing Technique

16th April 2023

Science of Closing Business/Sales​​: Closing Technique

In my opinion, a closing technique is nothing but assisting and making it convenient for the customer to make the buying decision. I am going to share the 6 closing techniques. The 1st one is Supplementary Close. The supplementary close gives the salesperson an indication of how serious the customer is about buying and how close he is to the actual order. A supplementary close can be used all throughout the selling process, and carefully planned questions can help the salesperson push for a final order. Questions such as:
Would you like to buy a mutual fund in your name or your wife’s name?
Which colour would you like for your car—red or yellow?
Customers like to have options and by giving them different alternatives, you are making it easier for the customer to make a decision. Whatever the customer chooses in the above questions, be sure he has mentally made a buying decision.
Choosing to invest in self or your wife’s name is a supplementary issue, but by getting the customer to focus on supplementary things, you make it easier for them to make a buying decision.

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