21st-Century Selling Process

15th Jan 2023

21st-century Selling Process

From today, we deep dive into understanding the 21st-century Selling Process. In 1996 when I started Selling, I was taught the Attention, Interest, Desire/Need, Action/Closing (AIDA) model of Selling, which is as below. If one observes, old method of Selling is shaped like an upright pyramid. One can quickly infer that this model of Selling focuses on the Action or Closing part of a Sale.
For an entrepreneur, salesperson, or company who uses this model even now, making a sale is of utmost importance. By Hook or Crook, the sale has to happen, this is one of the key reasons why the customer does not buy the 2nd product or continue to have a lifetime relationship with that company. Next weekend I will share the new model of Selling.
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