8 Success Mantras : Improve Every Customer Meeting

13th Nov 2022

B.A.D.G.E. 8 Success Mantras : Improve Every Customer Meeting

The 8th & most important way to generate year-on-year sales is to Improve every customer meeting. The entrepreneur or salesperson needs to ask himself 2 self-improvement questions, 1st what did I do right in this meeting? And 2nd what will I do differently in my next sales meeting?
In the 1st question, the mind is focused on the best part of the sales call ie reaching before the time for the meeting, professionally dressed, good homework of the client done etc. The 2nd question makes you think about the positive changes you would do to improve in your next client meeting ie I will rehearse my objection handling questions better, I will listen to client queries attentively etc.
The beauty of these two questions is that the answers to both are positive. If you practice this regularly, your subconscious mind will create a program to play this over and over every time you encounter such a situation and you will become the leading salesperson in your company or an entrepreneur in your industry.
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