8 Success Mantras : Transaction Selling

6th Nov 2022

8 Success Mantras : Transaction Selling

Transaction Selling occurs when an entrepreneur or salesperson focuses only on a single sale without considering the future. Most Entrepreneurs / Salespeople are focused on earning their commissions from the immediate sale. Lifetime selling requires a consultative and collaborative culture which is based on client-centric goals, mutual trust, respect & win-win relationship.
Commission-based, product-based, price based hard Selling are approaches of Transaction Selling. Value-based, Consultative, Principle-based, and educational Selling are approaches of Lifetime selling. To get consistent business from the same customer, companies should create a culture of lifetime selling. In almost all businesses, repeated business is the true measure of how much earnings the company gains. #salesbooster https://www.amazon.in/dp/1772046221 www.nimeshmehta.net

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