Sales and Leadership Wisdom from the Leaders, Mr. Devang Mody​

25th Feb 24

Sales and Leadership Wisdom from the Leaders, Mr. Devang Mody - 2

I asked Mr Devang Mody, CEO – Bajaj Finserv Health, what are the 3 characteristics of successful salespeople? He replied First, you have to recognize that sales is your calling. If you don’t find a calling in sales, then however good the product is, however good the company is, you are not going to be happy.
Second, sales is slightly different from most of the other functions in any organization, and that difference stems from uncertainty. If you look at other functions – at operations in our business, at risk management, at marketing, at finance, at technology – there is an objective and you have to work to meet that objective, but 90 percent of the things are in your control. Sales is not like that. You have only 20 to 30 percent in your control, and the rest is dependent on need of that consumer and the power of your product and competitive position. Hence, you should be willing to venture into uncertainty. You should love the fact that there is a high possibility of sales not going through. It is not reflection of your effort, of your ability. A lot of the time it’s beyond you. So if you thrive in such situation, then sales is right for you.

The third is, the most important aspect of a salesperson is persistence. There is a chance of failure, and if you can remain “At it” forever, you will be a successful salesman.



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