Sales and Leadership Wisdom from the Leaders, Mr. Roland Folger​

30th June 2024

Sales and Leadership Wisdom from the Leaders, Mr. Roland Folger​

Mr. Folger was one of the most successful CEO’s of Mercedes India Ltd, so I asked him what are the qualities expected of a successful salesperson in the luxury car segment?
He said the strongest thing that comes to my mind is, actually understanding the customer. If you think you know better than the customer, regarding what is good for him, that is not really supportive. We have customers who, through social media, through the Internet, know so much about our product that most of the time they already pretty much know what they want, so finding the highest degree of individualization and an individualized solution for customers is a really important part of the attitude for any kind of sales responsibility. So do not ever go into a customer discussion trying to tell a customer what you think is best for him. That is the wrong approach. They would much rather appreciate if you add value to their purchase decision and explain various programmes and services launched towards enhancing the ownership experience.
It is understanding and making the extra effort to listen to the customer that goes a long way in earning customer trust. The problem is that most sales personalities are really alpha personalities. They always rush out there and try to tell our customers what they think is best for them. Nowadays, the question of service, of making this ownership experience really unforgettable, is that people on the sales side need to understand holistically what their customers want and then give them something that is really made to measure for their personal, individualized demands.



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